Editing PC files

Qedit for Windows is a full-featured client/server editor capable of editing both local (PC) and host (HP3000 or HP9000) files from the same Windows application. See our Qedit for Windows Webpage for more information.

If you have regular, host-based Qedit, here's a command file you can use to download a file from your PC to the host, edit it with Qedit, then upload it back to the PC. It makes use of Qedit's REFLECT command which invoke WRQ's Reflection to do the actual up and downloading of the file, so must be invoked from within Qedit:

   parm pcfile
   purge mpefile
   /reflect send !pcfile to mpefile
   file edttext=mpefile
   run qedit.pub.robelle,basicentry;parm=4
   /reflect receive !pcfile from mpefile  delete

We kept this command file as PCTEXT, so to use it from within Qedit:

   /pctext \windows\system.ini

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