Undo Those Mistakes.

Users often tell us that they know there are lots of Qedit features that they have never tried. While the best way to learn may be to "Just Do It", this can be dangerous unless you also have a way to "Just Undo it". That's where the appropriately-named Undo command comes in.

You can easily test the results of any command when you know that you can reverse the changes. Try the following:

     /justify format 10/20   {fill in spaces make tidy paragraphs}
     /divide (10,30,40) 1/5  {split lines a columns 10, 30 and 40}
     /lsort all keys 10/20   {sort file on columns 10 thru 20}
     /change 1 "foo" "bar"   {prefix "foo" if lines contain "bar"}
You can Undo any text-altering commands up to the last Text or Open command, except Delete All. You can cancel Delete All before the next command line is executed by using Control-Y.

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