Suprtool $number Function Patch

After releasing Suprtool 4.7 and upon reflection, we were quite pleased with the amount of new enhancements in this version. One of my favourite enhancements is the $number function.

Unfortunately, due to a small coding error on my part, Suprtool will report the following error incorrectly:

Error: Space found in between numerics. Cannot convert.

Basically I incorrectly referenced a global variable when I meant to use a local variable.

The good news is that we have a patch for Suprtool on MPE as shown below. If you are not comfortable with the patch process, you can request the latest Suprtool package off our web site at the address below. Please note that the version number for a patched copy does not change. So therefore the current production version for MPE will be Suprtool 4.7 and Suprtool 4.7.02 for HP-UX.


  1. If the information returned by sompatch does not match *exactly* what is listed below, do *not* enter the new patch codes.
  2. Suprtool can not be used while the patch is being applied.
  3. We recommend you make a backup copy of before proceeding.

The portions in bold are what you type:

hello mgr.robelle

sp> open
sp> mod if_number$2$strip_leading_z+78
if_number$2$strip_leading_z + 78 a937880
sp> mod if_number$2$strip_leading_z+ac
if_number$2$strip_leading_z + ac 44960048
sp> mod if_number$2$strip_leading_z+b0
if_number$2$strip_leading_z + b0 d2c0fa1f
sp> exit
Total number of patches being applied 1

For the HP-UX version, you can download and install Suprtool 4.7.02, which includes a small fix to dbupdate/Eloquence issue as well.

You can request this version from here:

Production Release Request Form