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No Rush To Migrate Until You Are Ready!

Press Release
- Surrey, BC, Canada; August 2, 2002

Robelle Continues Support for MPE

Robelle CEO, Robert Green: "I started on the HP 3000 before the first system was shipped from HP and I plan to be there long after the last 3000 is shipped. The 3000 and the people who know and support it will be around for a long time. Robelle along with other committed friends of the HP 3000 like The 3000 Newswire will continue to act as hubs for 3000 information." Check our website at

Migrate at your own pace ... step by step

We all know that the cost to change IT systems is high, especially when switching from a known reliable platform like MPE to a new platform of unknown quality. But these days you do not need everything in your shop on one platform. Suprtool from Robelle is already widely used to help integrate HP systems with Windows, LINUX, Sun, and IBM systems by sharing data. One of our customers uses Suprtool to distribute their data from the 3000 to a nationwide network of HP-UX boxes, and then bring new data back to the 3000 for integration. For info on exporting 3000 data to various platforms check

Use Suprtool to empower your HP3000 and extend its life & value

If you don't have Suprtool yet ... now is a great time to get it! The speed and flexibility of Suprtool can improve the longest-running batch jobs with performance gains of 5, 15 and even 30 times. With the time and resources that Suprtool can save, you will maximize your current investment.

When you're ready to migrate…Robelle will be there!

When you're ready to migrate the applications off your HP 3000 from MPE to HP-UX in part or completely, Suprtool and Qedit can help you cross-over. Suprtool for HP-UX supports access to HP Eloquence (an IMAGE-like database), Oracle, Allbase, and regular flat files, and includes all the same components as Suprtool for MPE.

Plus, Qedit for Windows makes it easy to edit files on both platforms concurrently.

For more information, contact Tammy at or at 1-800-ROBELLE.


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