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Changes in Qedit for Windows 5.5

Qedit for Windows 5.5 offers the following enhancements.

Print in Color

Documents displayed with syntax colors can now be printed with the same colors. If you intend to use this feature, you should select a color scheme that will work well on the screen as on paper. For example, a color scheme with light colors on a dark background works well on a monitor. However, the same light colors on a white background such as a piece of paper might not be readable. To mitigate this a bit, Qedit automatically replaces white with black on the printout.

Color printing only works on local printers. The feature is disabled by default and can be enabled on the Page Setup dialog box.

Page Setup dialog box

Document Database Recovery

Qedit makes a backup copy of the document database when it is opened and loaded successfully. If the document database becomes corrupted, Qedit displays an error message similar to this one:

Document databaser error message

It then offers 2 options:

Document databaser recovery options

The Restore option brings the backup back and Qedit tries to load it. If this also fails, Qedit simply erases the document database. The Delete option erases the current document database and starts with an empty one. Keep in mind that erasing the document database removes things like the recent files list and any Favorites.

Host Files

When connected to a server version 5.4.10 or higher, Qedit for Windows displays a warning message when the server runs out of line numbers while opening a numbered file.

Rectangular Selections

Bug Fixes