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About Robelle



Robelle and Ecometry have been working together since 1989, when the Ecometry product was known as MACS and the Ecomotry Corporation was known as Smith-Gardner.

As a result, you are already a Robelle customer, even if you don't realize it, since the Ecometry application uses Robelle's Suprtool to speed up data access. Suprtool is installed on your system along with Ecometry and is used extensively by the application. However, you can also use it yourself to help produce custom reports and debug problems with your data. The big advantage is the speed with which Suprtool can churn through your large datasets to find what you need.

Do you need some help with Suprtool? Consider these options:

Who do I call for support? For Suprtool, you call Ecometry, unless you purchased direct Robelle support, then call 1-888-robelle. For Qedit, always call 1-888-Robelle.
When do I get the latest version of Suprtool? If you are on Robelle support, you get it as soon as it is released, or earlier if you request a fix for a specific problem.

Suprtool Training by Ecometry

Ecometry offers a Suprtool training course in 3 different locations. The schedule for 2001 is:
Jan 11-12 : Florida
Mar 1-2 : New York
Apr 5-6 : Concord, California
May 17-18 : Florida
Jun 28-29 : Florida
Aug 2-3 : Fullerton, California
Sep 13-14 : New York
Oct 25-26 : Florida
Dec 6-7 : Florida

The Ecometry Suprtool class costs $800 and lasts two days. For more details, read the class description.

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Who Should I Ask For At Robelle?

Tammy Roscoe, our Ecometry rep, is always a good first choice (, 1-888-robelle). Or just ask for Technical Support.

Here is a photo of Tammy at HP World with Nancy Perau, William Erwin and Susan Wisniewski from Childcraft.

Direct Robelle Support

To benefit fully from Suprtool, you may want to deal directly with Robelle and our technical support team. We welcome such inquiries and would be glad to send you printed Suprtool manuals, Quick Reference Guides and training materials, then answer all your questions. We have experience with many SG sites who have exploited Suprtool's power to get more out of their Ecometry system. Just sign up for Robelle support at $400 per year.

Your Name:

If you do not receive a reply within one business day, perhaps you spelled your email address wrong. Try calling Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE.

Qedit for Windows

Many Ecometry users find that Qedit for Windows improves their productivity impressively when editing source code, scripts, and data files on their servers. Just look at some of the Ecometry user testimonials:

From: Chris Koch, Tiger Direct

We bought Qedit for Windows and already I feel like I can't live without it. It really helps because I have never had much luck with Edit/3000. I definitely prefer the Windows GUI cut and paste world.

Many more user comments are listed below.

Qedit for Windows is the easiest, fastest solution for windows-enabling your HP e3000. It brings unprecedented ease-of-use to HP e3000 editing and script development. Unlike competitive alternatives, Robelle's Windows-enabling software has been carefully developed in keeping with our corporate philosophy of providing "solutions that don't get in your way". For ease of integration, we have designed this solution specifically to accommodate multi-platform flexibility, allowing MACS/Ecometry users to work with ease in the HP environment.

Over Twenty Years as a Leader.

Whether Robelle is solving your critical data problems or easing your editing tasks, we are 100% customer driven. Our objective is to dramatically improve and streamline our client's data operations while fitting in with their existing processes, tools, and work flow. We back up our technology and customer service commitments with comprehensive technical support, every hour of every day.

Request a Demo of Qedit for Windows:

Your Name:

If you do not receive a reply within one business day, perhaps you spelled your email address wrong. Try calling Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE.

How To Keep Users Away From MPE Colon Access

Brad Rish of Catalog Ventures, an Ecometry user in Chelmsford MA, asked how to keep users from getting MPE "colon" access. He wanted to be sure that his users could access only the programs he wanted them to use. Brad was unaware that as a user of Suprtool, he already had a Robelle utility that would do exactly what he wanted. SELECT, a bonus program that comes free with Suprtool and Qedit, is a menuing program that allows the system manager to setup exactly what choices he would like users to see when they logon. For more information, Suprtool and Qedit users can print the SELECT manual: select.doc.robelle


Here is what Ecometry users have to say about Suprtool and Qedit:


"We were recently asked by our Controller 'What is the best piece of software you use?'. Undeniably, it was Robelle's Suprtool and Qedit!"

Anthony Ballo
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Musician's Friend

"Recently I took a Quiz reporting task that was done completely in Quiz and rewrote it to incorporate Suprtool as a front-end. The job was previously taking 2-3 hours and now, with Suprtool, it runs in six minutes!"

James M. Dunn
Manager of Software Support
Hammacher Schlemmer

"At many shops, I have used Suprtool to do very fast extracts. The Suprtool extracts are about as fast as possible, and often much faster (3 to 10 times!) than other solutions.

"I have also used Suprtool to produce extract files for downloading to Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, etc. Users then find the latest data in a shared LAN directory when they come in each day, or run on-demand queries as required. Then they can sort, select, total or whatever on their own PC. Often a single extract will fill several different user requirements as they can just ignore data they don't need."

Chris Goodey
System Manager

Qedit For Windows

"I find that I am much more productive using the Windows version of Qedit. I refuse to go back to line editors or visual mode. Qedit for Windows is just the easiest, most convenient tool for working on the HP 3000"

Ty Franck
Director of Operations
McGlen Micro

"I just ordered Qedit for Windows. Wow, realtime editing of files on the HP - I'm impressed! I really like to edit job stream files on the HP with Qedit and, of course, Suprtool is a must for us. Between the two I can do most any chore involving custom streams or reports. Qedit eliminates the need to FTP out of the HP, work over in Notepad, then FTP back to the HP. And I write enough long Suprtool jobs for it to save me the old edit blues of open-edit-keep-exit-stream-open-edit-keep-exit-retry."

EJ Kaluza
MACS/Database Administrator
Carlton Industries, Inc.

"Qedit for Windows is great for creating and editing Suprtool streams. I really like the find/replace has made my life a lot easier! I am accustomed to using Qedit/3000 directly on the HP, but I find Qedit for Windows much easier with its Windows GUI format. No commands to remember plus I can scroll through the whole file at once.

"I also used Qedit for Windows to edit a 150,000 line flat file. I needed to delete it down to about 70,000 records. With Qedit for Windows, I was able to do the deletions in chunks of records - a task that I wouldn't have been able to do any other way than with the Windows version of Qedit.

Chuck Salerno
System Administrator
Design Toscano

"We create many files on the HP that are then downloaded to a PC and sent to vendors and client, Qedit for Windows makes it very easy to edit these files before they are downloaded, especially if we have multiple files that need the same kind of editing. The windows cut and paste feature makes this kind of data manipulation very quick and very easy.

"I also use Qedit for Windows extensively when I am trouble shooting application problems on the system. Qedit for Windows lets me quickly move from source code to copy code to job code, and I can view multiple files at the same time. It makes the debugging process much faster. (Qedit for Windows saved me at least four hours of debugging time the very first time I tried using it in this scenario - and I hadn't really learned how to use it yet!)

Randy Smith
Director of Information Systems
PC Acquisition, Inc.

"I love Qedit for Windows. I use Qedit to search through large spoolfiles such as our analyzer and system management reports... actually all kinds of reports. That way you don't have to download them first and open them with a word processor - what a hassle that is! I also use Qedit to write job streams which is made easy by Qedit's multiple file and cut & paste functionality. I can look at two or more files at the same time and easily copy and paste between them - even if the files live in different accounts. For instance, when creating new Suprtool jobs, I just open a template and copy portions of it to the new job stream. Or open a file from the test account and do a 'Save As' to the production account, then just change the job card and you're ready to go.

"Now I can hear the old-timer saying 'nothing you can't do in Edit/3000 or at the : prompt!' Yes, but it sure as heck isn't as easy - especially for us young'ns!"

Michael Hone
Business Systems Analyst
Wine Country Gift Baskets

"Qedit for Windows has greatly improved my productivity by allowing me to write Suprtool reports on the fly without the awkwardness of using Editor. Qedit is perfect for the user who would like to spend more time writing and less time maneuvering."

Alana Jaster
MACS Coordinator
What on Earth!

List of Ecometry/Qedit Users

The following Ecometry customers are maximizing their productivity with Robelle's Qedit and/or Qedit for Windows:

AB&C Company
Abbott Office Systems
Aquascope Design
ATC Uniforms
Ben Meadows Company
California Style
Carlton Industries
Coldwater Creek
Convergys Corporation
Current Inc
Cyberian Outpost
Design Toscano
Design Within Reach
Galam Inc.
Genesis Direct
Hallmark Card
Hammacher Schlemmer Fulfillment
JC Penny Telemarketing Inc
Lillian Vernon
Marshall Industries
Meyer Distributing
McGlen Micro
Micro Warehouse
Miles Kimball Co
Multiple Zones Intl Inc
Musician's Friend
PC Acquisition
PDA Mart
QVC, Inc
Ransoft Corp
Rodale Press, Inc.
S.A. Historical Mint
Shar Products Co
The Shopping Channel
Sony Music Entertainment Inc
Steuben Glass
Sunbelt Sportswear
Susquehanna Pfaltzgroff Co
Taylor Gifts
Tiger Direct
Time Customer Service Inc.
Time Life Customer Services
Travelsmith Outfitters Inc
United Methodist Publishing
Urban Outfitters
The US Mint
What On Earth
William Dettman Ent.
Wine Country Gift Baskets
The Wine Enthusiast
World Championship Wrestling
Zale Delware Inc
Zomax Inc.