This command file (for use inside Qedit) can put lines of text, source code, etc. into notepad. This is handy if you're inside a program and you'd like to have the contents of a $include file on your screen at the same time, etc.

You need to be using Reflection from WRQ in order for this to work.

Some examples:

List a copylib member...
clipit (dbmodes)

List the working storage

  /find "Working"
  /zz *
  /find "Procedure"
  clipit zz

anyparm  qedit_list_cmd=""
option nolist
comment   echo usage:  clipit {qedit list command}
comment   echo
comment   echo   This command file will perform a qedit list to viewclip.
comment   echo
comment   echo   For example,
comment   echo
comment   echo   clipit "$include"  will list all of the lines that contain
comment   echo                      the string "$include" to a file and
comment   echo                      then start up viewclip to view the file.
comment   echo
comment   If you don't have Viewclip, then just change c:\robelle\viewclip to
comment   notepad, or whatever you'd like.
setjcw cierror 0
comment  And now the undocumented qedit i/o fix...
option list
:purge cliptemp,temp > $null
:/verify list > oldlopts
/set list page off name off title off
:file lpb=cliptemp;temp;nocctl;dev=disc
:/lq $lpb !qedit_list_cmd
/useq  oldlopts
reflect receive c:\robelle\cliptemp.txt from cliptemp delete
reflect shell c:\robelle\viewclip c:\robelle\cliptemp.txt

Note: This command file uses ViewClip to display the downloaded text file. You can change the command file to use Notepad, or whatever Windows program you want to use that can edit or display files.

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