Important Note: this "headlines" feature was set up using three free internet services. After a year, one of them stopped responding, so we re-engineered it to use the remaining two. Now one of them is no longer giving good response. So you may find that this page takes a long time to load, or doesn't load at all! We are looking for a single pay service to handle the entire process.

Syndicated e3000 Headlines

Add the Robelle Channel to Your Site

Our Robelle home page is changed every day with new stories, technical tips, and pointers to interesting web pages, all focused on the HP e3000 and Robelle's Qedit and Suprtool products.

The Robelle Channel is a free service that syndicates the stories, technical tips, and web links that we publish daily, keeping your web site current and interesting with no work on your part. Set up is easy - just insert one line into your HTML code.

These news stories are "syndicated" using RSS-XML and can easily appear on other web sites, as headlines with links to the full stories. The headlines in the box to the right are generated dynamically from the current stories on our home page.

For examples of how the headlines look on people's web pages, visit

Ecometry Users Group web site

Horner Consulting (see how he customized the color scheme)

Bob Green's home page

Add the Robelle Daily e3000 Tips to your web site with a single line of Javascript and they will automatically be updated whenever the Robelle home page changes! Insert this code in your web page at the point where you want the headlines to appear.


Note: the Script tag SRC= value should be entered as one long line, not folded as shown above.

You can customize the news headlines. For example, to put them in a sidebar on the right, put the Javascript in a table:

<table width=25% align=right hspace=5 vspace=5>

To limit the number of headlines shown to 10, and to change the background color of the heading, add "&limit=10&bg=FF4040" after "?c=http..." in the SRC= URL.

You can also control the Style for headlines, links, description, etc. For full customization details, visit the Wytheville News Service web site, which is one of the e-services that makes this capability possible. For example, this page uses the Style Sheet example from Wytheville:

<style type="text/css">
.ch_item {font: 8pt verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}
.ch_description {font: 7pt/10pt geneva, arial, sans-serif;}
This page also uses the Table coding shown above,, so you can do View|Source in your browser to see how the whole thing looks in context.

For examples of what the XML looks like behind the Robelle Channel, read our Introduction to XML.