Build Your Skills At Solutions Symposium

It's time to start mapping your 2001 calendar and one HP 3000 event you don't want to miss is the HP e3000 Solutions Symposium in San Jose, California. So get out that felt pen or Palm Pilot and mark off February 7-10, 2001 - if you're from the colder climes, what a great time of year to visit California. This will be the second Solutions Symposium, an event which was created to fill the gap in HP 3000 training, for both newcomers to the platform and the more advanced HP 3000 user. The HP e3000 Solutions Symposium offers 4 days of extensive technical training for HP e3000 System Managers, Programmers, Webmasters and Application Developers. The Symposium offers instruction by leading HP e3000 technologists and hands-on labs that enable you to master the skills immediately.

As the new year approaches, Paul Gobes, Technical Support Manager of Robelle, is polishing his presentations. Paul Gobes attended the Symposium last year and sums it up as "great talks by sharp people". This year Paul will be giving three tutorials:


Thursday 8th, 1-3pm

Audience: Application Developers

Topics Covered: Creating Databases, Intrinsics, Programming Considerations, New Features of Image, Tools and Utilities.

Abstract: IMAGE is the rich, functional database management system that is at the core of almost every application developed for the HP 3000. Programmers with any level of application development experience will benefit from this insider's look at the theory and practice of programming IMAGE.


Wednesday 7th, 11-12am

Audience: System Administrators and Developers

Topics Covered: Migrating Secondaries, Interpreting Howmessy Reports, Masters and Detail Issues, DBGeneral Reports, Repacking Detail sets.

Abstract: IMAGE databases are inherently messy. Their tidy exteriors sometimes conceal nasty surprises that can hamper performance and reduce the speed of retrievals and updates. But armed with the right tools and know-how you can quickly bring order to the chaos. The HowMessy program from Robelle can report on the internal inefficiencies of your IMAGE database, to help you determine why performance is not what it should be. Then you can use Adager or DBGeneral to apply the changes that will reorganize the data along the most efficient lines.


Schedule: 1 hr, Friday 9th, 3-4pm

Audience: Application Developers, Webmasters, System Administrators

Topics Covered: Direct Access, Publishing on the Web, Mapping Drives, Exporting and Converting Data, Transport Methods.

Abstract: No HP 3000 is an island. The data that lives on your HP 3000 needs to be shared with applications that reside on other machines, platforms, and networks. The "E"-revolution means that you need to make your HP 3000 data available to the rest of the world. Learn how you can be the hero of your workgroup, department or company.
December 18, 2000

Feb 9, 2001 Update: QCTerm Excitement

Paul Gobes
Paul Gobes, manager of Robelle technical support, is attending the HP Solutions Symposium this week. Paul says that he finally understands why these new N and A class boxes deserver all the hoopla: the I/O system has been converted to the regular PCI standard and is at least 10 time faster than before. Paul also noticed a number of new young faces. The word has gotten around that this is the forum for newbies to learn lots about every aspect of running an HP e3000.

But Paul is really excited about something else:

I've been to a few presentations, the one that really blew my socks off, was Wirt Atmer's QCTerm lab. Up to now I always figured it was just another terminal emulator that happened to be free, one that supported some pretty background GIFs. But Wirt has some exciting plans in store; he sees it as a thin client that could be invoked by an HTTP URL, used just like a Real Audio player, that would provide a stateful connection to an interactive program on the host HP e3000. Download QCTerm from his web site.

Wirt's demo, even over a slow modem was clear, the graphics were sharp and the whole concept was exciting. Keep your eyes on Wirt and QCTerm.

3kWorld: First Day Report

For those who could not attend, Chris Gauthier of 3kworld has written a summary of highlights from the first day of the HP Solutions Symposium