Solutions Symposium

Solutions Symposium

2002 Means e3000

What to Expect?

The 3rd Annual HP e3000 Solutions Symposium offers 3 1/2 days of in-depth, hands-on training, designed and delivered by the HP e3000 industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. This top-notch, hands-on technical training that will enable your organization to maintain a superior HP e3000 based technology infrastructure

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If the HP e3000 server is one of the staples of your career, this is the one event you can’t afford to miss. This event, focused exclusively on HP e3000 technology, has four tracks with over 60 sessions in migration, application development, moving applications to the Web, system management, new MPE/iX 7.0 features, programming, performance management, network management, security, e-commerce implementations, interoperability and more.

Find the solutions to these challenges and more:

How do I continue to get the best return on investment from my HP e3000 system?
What technology enhancements do I need to make to maintain a strong HP e3000 environment while, at the same time, beginning to invest resources in a migration strategy?
What tools are available for an HP e3000 system migration? How long will it take? What will it cost?

Check out this year’s Conference Highlights.

First Report from the Symposium

Thu, 4 Apr 2002.

Ken Robertson (, formerly of Robelle but now with AD Technologies, reports on the first day of the Symposium:

The Symposium is going well... it's only been one day long so far. Our Trans/port product [migration of HP 3000 code to other platforms] is being well received, and some people, especially those who need to do spl to c++ are quite interested. AcuCorp is also very interested in our V/Plus to AcuCobol solution. I was surprised to find that my talk, scheduled at 6:00 PM, had the room filled to capacity with several people standing. About 80-100 people attended my talk.

HP's main thrust is migration. They are pretty non-specific about guidance, but they have scheduled "webinars" for the last Tuesday of each month addressing different topics. This series runs through July.

There are now three platinum partners with HP to facilitate migrations - Lund, MB Foster, and Speedware Corp. MB Foster proposes offering a "bumper to bumper" solution. Speedware is actively working on a Transact to Speedware conversion, for those folks who want to stick with a 4GL. I'm not sure how Lund fits in, as I missed their talk so that I could chat with Ron Seybold, a most interesting person to talk with!

HP announced support for fibrechannel 3000's, but didn't announce any new machines.

HP is pushing the HP Eloquence database, and it has been ratified by SIG Image. They do admit that there are improvements to be made, and that they are only targetting small to medium businesses.

There are several companies, including DISC, who are offering Image to SQL wrappers. I will be investigating these offerings soon. Duane Percox has done some timings for some wrappers that his firm QSS wrote, and discovered that for a fairly small database of 12,500 records, a program's run time went from 3 cpu seconds to 10. His approach sounded intelligent, leaving the master records in an Image DB with the details in a SQL database. If the program had been less intelligent, perhaps it would have taken even longer to execute.

It is very clear that most attendees are at this conference to learn about migration.

Well, I'm off to more sessions. I'll keep you posted!

~ ken ~

HP CSY Suggests Eloquence for Migrating

The 3kworld web site has a report on Dave Wilde's (HP CSY R&D manager) presentation at the Solutions Symposium. Most of it was about the features of the upcoming MPE/iX 7.5 release. However, he also endorsed using Eloquence to migrate applications from MPE to HP-UX.
As far as IMAGE/SQL alternatives go for customers who would benefit from keeping their “Image-calls” and do a “one-step at-a-time” approach, he said that he is committed to promoting HP Eloquence to fill that need. He said that it’s “likely the best approach,” and that “the product is very solid and very strong …”

NewsWire: Conversion Deadlines Extended

Ron Seybold reports from the Solutions Symposium:

The first deadline in the HP campaign to move customers off the 3000 slipped here in California, when attendees at the Interex e3000 Solutions Symposium learned they now have three extra years to purchase 3000-to-HP 9000 conversion kits for their N-Class and A-Class 3000s. The announcement was one of several designed to motivate more customer acceptance of HP-UX platforms. Separately, channel partners at the conference reported HP has told them it will not be hurrying customers to migrate.

Click the link for Ron's full report.

CSY lays out their New Migration Programs and Services reports on the presentation by CSY Product Marketing Manager, Loretta Li-Sevilla, focusing on CSY's New (e3000) Migration Programs and Services. A number of new programs were announced: click the link to read about them.

Plans For the Symposium

2002 means e3000: the skills to migrate — or the skills to continue to improve your e3000 infrastructure today. Either way — HP e3000 Solutions Symposium is the place to be this April.

HP e3000 Solutions Symposium
April 3- 6, 2002
San Jose Hyatt - San Jose, CA
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The HP e3000 Solutions Symposium is a training environment like no other. You'll get the information you need to get more out of your systems. You'll spend 3 1/2 days, side-by-side learning, hands-on with the industry's best-known and respected e3000 experts and architects — the people who understand these solutions and the implications of migration, better than anyone. You'll also be provided with migration strategies, tools, application roadmaps and first hand migration case- studies to enable a cost effective, smooth transition when you are ready to migrate to a new platform.

New this year. Sponsored by the Ecometry User Group, this 1 1/2- Day technical training track for Ecometry users will focus on Ecometry performance, reporting and system management, cycle counting and purge processes, system maintenance and tips, tricks and techniques and more!

Take a look at the program for this year's HP e3000 Solutions Symposium.

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If you need more information on what the Solutions Symposium is like, read Robelle's Symposium 2001 report.