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What's Up, DOCumentation? 2003 # 9

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September 2003

From: Bob Green, President

To: Users of Robelle Software

Re: News of the HP 3000 and Robelle

Our newsletter is published monthly and on-line, with an email notification to customers. Each issue is jam-packed with articles, but if you get as much email as I do, you may have missed this valuable service. Back issues can be reviewed at

The Robelle newsletter really needs to be read on-line, since the headline of every story is actually a web link to the full story or more information. In the interest of keeping the newsletter short and readable, the details are often to be found in the web links. The on-line newsletter is at:

Table of Contents:

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News and Upcoming Events

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Candid photos: John Burke, Marius Schild, Steve Hammond, Paul Edwards, Michael Marxmeier, Brad Tashenberg, Ken Nutsford, Ron Seybold, Abby Lentz, Mike Pavinen, Nick Fortin, and Rene Woc.

HPWorld News and Photos

Fresh news from Atlanta: VARs who have migrated, 3000 emulation, and more.

Prize Draw Winners

At HPWorld we had prize drawings for M&M dispensers! Here are the winners:
Chuck Ciesinski, Hughes Network Systems
Ken Reinhardt, CSC
Matthew Rains, Wisconsin Dept Of Justice
Karl Hancock - Desert Mutual
David Kardatzke - Yearone
Karl Lieberknecht - County Wide Financial
Janet Munie - Centene Corp

More News From HPWorld

Both Speedware and Cognos' PowerHouse have Eloquence versions of their 4GL packages in beta testing.

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Homesteading and MPE Tips

Becoming a Dump Tape Expert

Step One: Read "Notes on System Failures, System Hangs and Memory Dumps for MPE/iX" by Stan Sieler. Step 2: Learn Debug, DAT and SAT (essential system utilities). This step is left to the student as an exercise. Step 3: Read "Basic System Problem Analysis" by Bill Cadier. That's all it takes. Click the link above for more details.

HP 3000 Equipment: Black River

Black River Computers sells and services HP 3000 and HP 9000 servers.

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Qedit Tips

New Column Handling in Qedit

Qedit now has the ColCopy and ColMove commands from Quad! Read all about this new feature.

Qedit Pre-Release 5.4.10

Amazing new version of Qedit for testing: XX in visual to exclude lines, new column operations, and much more...

Qedit for Windows Pre-Release 5.4.10

Corrects a problem: The server and client views of a file were sometimes different after pasting some lines in a Cobol source file. The problem could lead to file corruption, strange behavior and even client aborts.

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Suprtool Tips

Sub-totals and Sorting

Did you know that you can sub-total data with Suprtool, as well as determining how many records made up that total? For example, we can total the number of products sold by product and also total the dollars for each product. Click the link above to find out more.

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HP-UX and Migration Planning

Migrating Empty Date Values From TurboIMAGE

When I gave my paper "Transforming TurboIMAGE Databases" at HPWorld in Atlanta, there was a very good question from the audience

"I have fields like SHIPDATE, which begin life with a blank value and are updated when the actual ship date is known. How do I move these datasets into SQL tables, where the SHIPDATE field will presumably be of type 'Date' and where blank will be detected as an invalid value?"

Excellent question! Click the link above for the answer.

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Links/Resources/Industry News

New book: HP 3000 Evolution

The latest publication from Robelle is HP 3000 Evolution, edited by Bob Green of Robelle, from articles written by Robelle, by The 3000 Newswire, and by experts in the HP 3000 field: Chris Edler, Paul Edwards, Marius Schild, Neil Armstrong, John Burke, Alan Wyman and Alan Heter, Stan Sieler and Gavin Scott, Ken Robertson, Eugene Volokh, Alfredo Rego, Fred White, Steve Hammond, Wayne Boyer, Alan Yeo, Gunnar Fredlund, Terry O'Brien, Michael Marxmeier, Aaron Holmes, Dave Lo, and Glenn Cole.

This 300-page book contains the latest information on three important topics:
HP 3000 Tune Up
Migrating a 3000 application.

An essential reference for every desk! Order your copy on-line for US$25.

A New Chapter on Eloquence

We have added a new chapter to our book, HP 3000 Evolution. It is entitled "Eloquence: HP 3000 IMAGE Migration" and is by Michael Marxmeier. Click the link above for the PDF version of the new chapter.

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Newsletter Distribution

Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. provides the What's Up, DOCumentation? newsletter as a service to our customers. The newsletter is available on the web: in HTML format for browsing and PDF format for printing. Visit

Comments about this issue, as well as ideas for future issues, including news, tips, and suggestions for articles, can be sent to

Previous Issue: August Newsletter

The previous newsletter is still on-line and contains articles about:

* Homesteading and Hardware
* Network troubleshooting tools on MPE
* CI programming
* The Three Bears of IMAGE
* New HP 3000 consultants
* Ancient history of the 3000

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