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Qedit The following quotes come from letters, faxes, e-mails, etc. sent to us by Qedit users. Thanks to all for taking the time to communicate your feedback. If you are a Qedit user and would like to add your own comments, please visit our feedback form. While we look forward to learning what you like about our products, we also welcome any suggestions or criticisms.

Customers also have very nice things to say about our Qedit For Windows product and our Suprtool product.

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"I absolutely LOVE QEDIT! It is helping to make the move off the HP 3000 at least bearable. I could never have lived with vi."

Rex Dickey, IT Director
Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

"We installed and have Qedit running on our HP 9000. I think our motto has changed from 'VI is my friend' to 'Qedit is my friend!'. The installation was quick and easy as advertised. I'm fairly certain after only 1 day that we'll purchase this product. Thanks again for the demo."

John Cox
John J. McMullen Associates

"Qedit HP-UX has been indispensable in our migration from the HP 3000 to HP 9000. It is only tool we have that is common to both platforms an has been very helpful in smoothing out the learning curve on HP-UX. No only do we use Qedit HP-UX to edit scripts and program files, but we also use it for all kinds of data migration tasks. For example, we download data from an AS/400 machine, then use Qedit HP-UX to reformat the data for the HP 9000. Qedit greatly simplifies these kind of tasks"

Mike Connor

"Robelle, you all need to be recognized for your ability to continually produce world-class quality software. As many programmers have said in the past: 'They'll have to pry Qedit out of my cold, dead hands.'"

Pat Shugart
Oaksoft Consulting, Inc.

"I am a consultant working for Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT. About six months ago Middlesex purchased your Suprtool and Qedit products. I have been using your products extensively: to reduce batch execution times in the case of Suprtool; and to automate repetitive programming tasks using Qedit's comand file feature. In particular, Qedit command files have been defined which will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes the Hospital to do its Year 2000 compliance programming.

Both of these products have no doubt brought about significantly improved batch performance and increased programmer productivity, none of which could have been accomplished without the superior support I have received from your technical support staff."

George DeWolf
Middlesex Hospital

"You're going to be flooded with posts saying "QEDIT"--and I'll join them. There is not now, and probably never will be, a better editing environment (QEDIT is more than just an editor) on the HP 3000. Plus, it comes with Robelle technical support!

I *hate* to do anything on an HP 3000 without QEDIT. It's the first thing I install whenever I re-build one of our systems."

Michael D. Hensley
Allegro Consultants Inc.
(posted on the 3000-l mailing list)

"When I am applying for a new contract, I ask if the customer has Qedit and Suprtool . While the answer is usually yes, if they say no, I can pretty much figure that I don't want to work there. If they don't have Robelle products, then there is something wrong with them and they probably have more problems than I want to deal with. The only reason not to have your products is because you just ordered them and they haven't arrived yet!"

Chris A. Goodey
Northern Telecom

"We purchased a 2nd copy of Suprtool and a new copy of Qedit recently. We already were quite familiar with Suprtool and of course it is working great! As for Qedit, it too is working extremely well and all of our IS staff is now asking themselves how we every survived without it. You have a VERY satisfied customer here!!"

Tim Manns
Overton's, Inc.

"I have used Qedit for many years and do so daily on systems owned by my customers. Qedit still manages to awe me with some of the things it can do, even in this "GUI" day and age."

Michael Gueterman

"Robelle's documentation is far and away the best of any commercial product I have ever reviewed."

John Burke
HP 3000 NewsWire

"Personally, I find tremendous power in being able to mix Qedit commands and MPE/iX commands in a command file. The following simple example covers the situation where you know there is a variable with a particular value, but you can't remember which variable it is."


    ANYPARM value-! [""]
    :showvar @ > $NEWPASS
    /lq $OLDPASS '!value'

"More elaborate usage of Qedit command files includes post-processing of spoolfiles and much, much more. Qedit command files are an integral and indispensible part of my tool kit."

Glenn Cole

"Thank you for your prompt response to our order. This is perfectly consistent with the outstanding products and service the HP user community has come to expect for your organization."

Homer Godwin
OKI Semiconductor

"Thanks for the great product, Qedit. We all use it daily to save our bacon."

Josh Cors
Howard Johnson & Co.

"I've always liked Robelle software and I am totally addicted to both Suprtool and Qedit."

Tom Genute

"I look forward to going to work every day so that I can use Qedit. It makes me 4 to 5 times more productive."

Frank Kelly
Manager, Information Resources
Reserve Officers Association

"Qedit is a great product. I have been using it for five years and I love it!"

Dhiraj Rathod
Fusion Systems Inc.

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