Installing Qedit/ix Production Tape

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A "Production tape" is an official release of our product, complete with fully updated user manauls and the latest Bonus and Qlib programs. You may receive this tape as a new customer or as an update after your renew your support with Robelle.

When you install a production version of Qedit or Suprtool, you may already have a trial version or a previous production version on your server. The new production version will replace it.

You should not start the install process unless you have received your authorization codes for the server by email. Select the appropriate Installation Instructions:

If you downloaded our software rather than receiving a physical tape, please go to the "Download Install" instructions.

The include files


Documentation: CD or Web Download

If you received a documentation CD with your Robelle software, you will find the documentation files on the CD. The CD installation program should start automatically when you insert the CD into the drive. If it does not start automatically, run D:\setup.exe, where D is the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive.

If you do not have a documentation CD, you can download the PDF and HTML-Help files from the Robelle web site at - and order printed and bound manuals if you wish.


CPU Serial Number (HPSUSAN)

Our MPE/iX products run only on CPUs whose serial numbers (the "showvar hpsusan" number) have been encoded into the software. If a product fails to run and you see an "invalid HPSUSAN" error message, email Robelle for assistance at


Installation Assistance

If you have any questions about the installation process or run into any problems, please email us at or telephone to 800.453.8970. Technical support is available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific.



Users of STREAMX, a part of SECURITY/3000 from VESOFT Inc., must set a Job Control Word before streaming jobs. This step prevents STREAMX from generating an error if the Robelle account does not yet exist. For example,

:setjcw streamxtempnonest 1
:stream robelle.job.robelle


Combined Qedit/Suprtool Tapes

If the tape you received has more than one product on it (e.g., Qedit and Suprtool), you can take a shortcut instead of following the complete instructions for both products.

Steps that are common to both installations need only be done once. That is, there is no need to restore twice, or setup the Robelle account twice, or install the Qlib and Bonus programs twice, or clean up unneeded files twice.

Note that if you do not use this shortcut it is not a problem; it will just take you a few minutes longer, and you will have to mount the restore tape a second time.

Say you install Qedit first, followed by Suprtool:

  1. Do all of the Qedit steps, except for the final Purge Installation Files step.
  2. Then do the Suprtool installation starting with the :stream Install.Suprjob step. Skip the initial Restore and Robelle Accoount steps, and skip the Qlib/Bonus step. Do the final Purge Installation Files step.


Restore All Robelle Files

You begin by copying all the Robelle files from tape to disk.
:hello manager.sys {log on as system manager}
:file rtape;dev=tape {mount Robelle tape}
:restore *rtape; @.@.robelle; create {=reply on the console}
Check the Restore listing for files that were busy and could not be restored. There are a number of reasons why a file could have been busy: someone may have been using it or backing it up, it may have been held as a suspended son process (menu system), or it may have been allocated. If files were busy, chase away any users, deallocate any busy programs, then try the :Restore command again.

If you already have the product on your system, most of the files copied into the Robelle account will replace existing files. The product program files are located in the Pub group of the Robelle account. At this point in the installation process, the program files do not yet have the correct names. The install job stream assigns the proper file names to the program files.

Create/Update Robelle Account

Even if you already have the Robelle account, you must stream the Robelle job to ensure the the account and all its groups have the proper security and capabilities. You must build (or upgrade) the Robelle account with the job stream that we provide. This job removes the passwords from the Robelle account and from the user Mgr.Robelle. Therefore, you need to note the existing passwords so that you can put them back after the installation.
:listacct robelle;pass {look for PASSWORD: }
:listuser mgr.robelle;pass {look for PASSWORD: }
Once you have written down the passwords, stay logged on as Manager.Sys and stream the job that builds and updates the Robelle account.
:stream robelle.job.robelle
This job stream sends you a message when it is finished.

Stay logged on as Manager.Sys and put a password on the Robelle account. If you are upgrading your Robelle account, use the old password.

:altacct robelle;pass=hardpass {pick something obscure, not "hardpass"}
Note: during installation, we add OP capability to the Robelle account. You can remove OP capability, once the product is installed.

bonus.txt - bonus and qlib for prod tapes?

Optional Step: Install QLIB and Bonus Programs

Warning: this section must be reviewed and revised carefully. for production tapes, i think we include all bonus programs and qlib programs. for pre-release, only items that have been modified. for example, the suprtool pre-release sometimes includes hommessy, and the suprtool install job takes care of installing howmessy as well. for qedit pre-release, what happens?

Our product tapes include the QLIB library of contributed software (in the QLIB groups of the Robelle account). QLIB programs may be used on any CPU and may be given away freely.

Your Robelle product tape, also includes our Bonus programs: Compare/iX, HowMessy, Select, Spell, and Xpedit. These programs reside in the Pub group of the Robelle account. Bonus programs can be used only on authorized machines, and you may not distribute them to anyone.

To install both the Bonus and Qlib programs, use the job stream Bonus.Job in the Robelle account.

To install just the Qlib programs, use the job stream Qlib.Job.Robelle:

:hello mgr.robelle
:stream bonus.job.robelle {or Qlib.Job.Robelle}
If you skip this step, you may be running old versions of these programs.

Building the Spell Dictionary

Before you can use the Spell Bonus program or the Words command in Qedit, you have to build the main dictionary for Spell with an additional installation job. This job stream can take some time; you do not have to wait for it to finish before going to the next step.

By default, the Spell program uses American spellings. To use British spellings, set the SpellAmerican JCW to False in the installation job. For more information, see the Spell User Manual.

:run {or use :Editor}
/text dictmain.spjob
/modify "setjcw SpellAmerican" {for British spelling, }
/keep robtemp { change True to False}
:stream robtemp
:purge robtemp


Final Step: Purge Installation Files (optional)

The easiest way to clean up after an installation is to stream the Cleanup.Purgejob.Robelle job. This job saves you disc space by purging the installation files. It does not purge the files that are necessary to run the software.
:stream cleanup.purgejob.robelle

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