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To suit the individual needs of your organization, here are some flexible options for purchasing Qedit for Windows:

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The Complete Qedit Package

The Complete Qedit Package consists of three components:
  1. "Classic Qedit", the host-based editor for programmers;
  2. Qedit Server Module Add-On (resides on your host computers, required for client/server functionality); and
  3. Qedit for Windows, for individual users' PCs.
This package is ideal for mixed groups, e.g, some programmers want to use host-based Qedit while other users prefer client/server editing. The Complete Qedit Package keeps everybody happy.

Qedit Client/Server Package

For groups that are interested in client/server editing only. This package consists of the Qedit Server Module (required for your host computers) and Qedit for Windows for users' PCs. If your Programming group is looking for true client/server editing and the easy handling of a Windows GUI, this option will fit your needs. Additionally, if you have any end users that need to edit host files, Qedit for Windows, with its short learning curve, has great appeal to end users.

Current Qedit Customers

If you already have Qedit on your MPE and HP-UX systems, it's easy to add Qedit for Windows to your environment. You need the Qedit Server Module Add-On for your host computers and Qedit for Windows for individual users' PCs. So take a headcount of which users would like to take advantage of a Windows-enabled editing solution - Qedit for Windows will be a great complement to your programming environment!

Pricing Information

If you would like to inquire about pricing, please contact the Robelle Sales Department toll-free at
1-888-ROBELLE [1-888-762-3553] or send your e-mail to Robelle Sales