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Syntax Coloring

Syntax coloring let's you distinguish syntax elements at a glance, makes it easy to find syntax errors, highlights comments, quoted text and keywords, and it works on MPE files, HP-UX files, and Local files. Here is what the screen can look like, but remember that the color scheme is totally under your control.

syntax coloring

Edit Multiple Files at Once

Here you see two files being edited at the same time. Qedit for Windows knows not to show you the line numbers at the start of each line of COBOL.

Screen shot of multiple files

More Information on Syntax Coloring.

Two Views into the Same File

Qedit for Windows lets you split a document window so that you can get two views into the file. In this example, we are keeping the data declaration in the top view, while working on the code in the lower view.

Screen shot of split screen

French Version Available

Maintenant offert en français

In the French version of Qedit, all of the messages and menus displayed by the Qedit for Windows program have been professionally translated into French.

Dans la version française de Qedit pour Windows, les messages et les menus qui apparaissent à l'écran ont été traduits par des traducteurs professionnels.

French version of Qedit for Windows / Version française de Qedit pour Windows

Screen shot of French version